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'Minecraft' Tree in 'Lost World' Forest May Be Tropics' Tallest 0

Tallest Tree in the world (Probably)

This yellow meranti tree (its base shown here) was recently discovered in Malaysia and thought to be the tallest tree in the tropics. Researchers spotted the enormous yellow meranti (Shorea faguetiana), extending 293.6 feet...

16 Train Journeys In India That Are An Experience 0

15 Train Journeys In India That Are An Experience

Sneak into the undiscovered cultures of India’s nooks and crannies, gaze into unexplored landscapes and soak in the invigorating air on scenic train journeys. 1. Orissa Tribal Odyssey (Koraput to Rayagada) 2. Island Express...


Bolivia’s second-largest lake has disappeared

fishing boats left behind on dead, dried ground, being whipped around by heavy winds. On this 3,000-square-kilometer (1,160-square-mile) desert of cracked earth once stretched Lake Poopó, Bolivia’s second-largest lake after Titicaca.    Lake Poopó...