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Whale’s Cause of Death: Swallowed DVD Case

A discarded DVD case is offering a brutal example of the effects our trash continues to have on marine wildlife. A young sei whale—a member of an endangered species—was found in a Chesapeake Bay...

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Tech transformations over the decades

WALKMAN (THEN) The iconic cassette players from Sony first went on sale in 1979. The device transitioned across platforms such as CD, Mini-Disc, MP3 and music streaming before being discontinued in 2010. WALKMAN (NOW) The latest...

3D Printing Can Improve Face Transplants 0

3D Printing Can Improve Face Transplants

Surgeons are using new, highly accurate 3D printers to guide face transplantation operations, making the procedures faster and improving outcomes, according to a new report. The face replicas made on these printers take into...